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About Me

John Shinner

Hi, I'm John Shinner and if one word can describe why I am a photographer and why you might be interested in my work, that word would be diversity.

For me, photography is the visual expression of how incredibly varied our world is. I have been privileged to shoot events for people from all walks of life in many parts of the world and it fascinates me to see how rich and diverse life really is.

Despite the many ways there are to express love, celebrate milestones, and even do business, I have found that people everywhere are also very much the same. We share the same desire to do the right things, work hard, have successful loving marriages, raise healthy well-educated children, and have the respect of those we do business with.

Emphasizing these universal values while showcasing your unique personality is my mission as your photographer.

As for more traditional information about me: I grew up in Florida, and I have been able to combine my love of travel with my profession and have photographed weddings and other projects from as far south as Guatemala to the northern coast of Maine. My wedding and corporate images have been published locally and nationally in various print and online media.

Although I take the work I do very seriously, I like to keep it fun and am quick with a joke and love to laugh. I strongly believe stress-free photo sessions are key to creating natural, honest images that you will treasure through the years.

Six years ago, after a challenging course of study culminating in a rigorous final exam, and a professional critique of my portfolio, I became a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through the Professional Photographers of America. I am very proud to hold the CPP designation as it signifies my promise to you that I have a thorough knowledge of my craft, that I am committed to ethical business practices, and I am dedicated to continuing education in my profession. 


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Text me at: (321)-228-7565

Phone: (321)-228-7565

Email: j.shinner@hotmail.com

Email: j.shinner@hotmail.com